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Terms and Conditions

2022 Upstream 50/20km Challenge

Terms and Conditions


1. While participating in the Upstream 50/20km Challenge, both my property and my person shall be at my own risk and I will not hold Upstream Foundation liable for any illness, personal injury or loss of property sustained during or as a result of taking part in the Upstream 50/20km Challenge, whether caused by the negligence of the Upstream Foundation or its servants or agents.


2. By participating in the Upstream 50/20km Challenge I commit to raising a minimum of $200 in donations for my nominated beneficiary. I agree that failure to do so, may effect my potential to participant in future Upstream Foundation Events.


3. I consent to the use of my name and any photographs or video taken on event day by an official representative of the Upstream Foundation. I agree that these are the property of the Upstream Foundation and can be used for promotional and other purposes following the event without being previously notified.


4. I consent for my contact details to be passed on to third party, for the purpose of photography distribution from the Upstream 50/20km Challenge. I understand that my details will be used in relation to the Upstream 50/20km Challenge only and not for any other purpose.


5. If I have selected a sole beneficiary, I consent for my contact details to be passed on to that beneficiary, for the purpose of sharing information relating to the Upstream 50/20km Challenge.


6. Entrants under the age of 18 years must have a parent/guardian sign a consent form following the registration process. In the event that this does not happen, Upstream Foundation reserves the right to cancel or deny entry into the event.


7. Event Organiser reserve the right to change the event course at their own discretion.


8. I agree to abide by all road rules, traffic lights and any road marshals.

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