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As a participant we require you to raise a minimum of $250. We put a lot of work to make the event a success and take pride in passing on your donations so we really hope everyone sets their fundraising target high.


The minimum $200 donation is due by the 25th March 2022 and the final donations are due back on Friday the 22nd April 2022. 

Need Help Fundraising.

We sometimes get people who say it’s hard to raise the $250 commitment, however many people easily exceed the minimum commitment year after year. Below are a few tips to give you some inspiration.

  • Hold a dinner party and charge your guests to attend. A fun way to raise funds, but also a good way to spread the word about the Upstream Challenge and get team mates to join you on the day!

  • Set your friends and family a target fundraising amount that if they reach, you’ll do something silly or fun (like wear a wookiee costume)

  • Ask people to join you or to help you out by sponsoring you.

  • Bake decorated cupcakes or biscuits and sell them to friends and family or at work or school.

  • Garage Sale/Ebay Sale – Get rid of unwanted items around the house and raise some $

  • Organise a sausage sizzle either at work, the footy club or the local shops. It’s easy to do if you’re a team and a great way to give your fundraising efforts a big boost!

  • Ask your work to sponsor you. Some employers will match the funds raised, so it’s good to ask if they might consider doing the same.


Tell them about it - it's ok to brag

Walking 50km or 20km is a long way and you are doing it to raise awareness and fund for a charity, so its ok to tell everyone about it. 

Communicate often with your social network. Provide updates on your training and include photos. Let them know your fundraising target and where the funds are going including information about the charities. It’s also good to post links to your donation page.  

What if I'm not a Social Media Person?

That's ok, you can still spread the word.  Use our FUNDRAISING RESOURCES  to promote the event on your emails and in your office.


We have some great prizes to give away thanks to Harvey Norman Springvale to reward those that have done a great job at fundraising, because that's what this is really about!

If you raise over $300, you'll go in the draw to win a Nutribullet 1200

If you raise over $400, you'll also go in the draw to win a Homedics massager

If you raise over $500, you'll also go in the draw to win a Sunbeam heated throw rug

If you raise over $600, you'll also go in the draw to win a Homedics neck massager




If you raise over $1000, you'll also go in the draw to win a Sunbeam heated throw rug

One of our long time Upstream Challenge participants is donating the complimentary use of party effects lighting to a lucky fundraiser.  The lighting hire package valued at $150 will be made available for a day/night and includes 3x coloured LED lights, a UV LED light, 4x moving effect lights, lighting stand and small smoke machine.
The equipment will be available for pickup in Donvale.

This prize is open to those who raise over $50 from 3 April to 10 April. 

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